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Welcome to R.S.C., spol. s r.o. company web pages.

Our philosophy

We provide solutions and therefore we make individulal offers. This is the reason why you can't find any pricelist on our pages.

Products and services

We offer complete data network solutions from design to realization in the range from cabling to operatinng systems.
Our offers are based on high quality of work and installed technologies - we use only branded components in all levels of our work.

Complete solution - information technologies

Building network infrastructure (design - project - implementation):
  • passive layer (cabling systems)
  • network infrastrucure devices
  • servers, workstations
  • data sevices
  • security (ISMS)
  • warranty services
Network infrastructure management:
  • consultation and guidance
  • system integration
  • coordination (during phased building)
  • after-warranty services
  • HW and SW audit
  • extrenal network management
  • outsourcing

Complete solution - information systems

  • IS strategy draft
  • IS design and implementation
  • IS security
  • IS management
Titles and certificates

If a vendor wants to provide hi quality products and services to his customers than he needs support from components' manufactures. If the vendor has a philosophy which is attractive to his customers and if he keeps his promises and everything works fine then the vendor gains a good reputation and new customers which means a good prosperity.
Suppliers and manufacturers consider both these aspects when they give certificates and titles to the particular company. These guarantee additional support but requirements are very high.
We are holders of these titles:

We are also holders of these certificates:
  • ISO 9001:2001 quality management systems
  • ISO 27001:2006 information security management system